Waterfun Aquatic Centre (WAC)

Where every child (learner) is safe & happy, in and about water;
learning swimming in a fun, natural and progressive manner,
and all in the hands of sincere and dedicated coaches who understand children.

Why Waterfun Aquatic Centre?

Specialised pre-swimming programs for babies & very young children
Renowned International Certification Swim programs for children (5yrs & above)
Experienced & Qualified coaches with International Swim Coaching Certifications from Swimming Teachers’ Association (UK)
Well structured swimming lessons with clear learning outcomes
Adopts “Structured play” & “Learn thru’ games” approach
Learner-centred & small group teaching
Use of Developmentally & Age-appropriate teaching methods
Incorporates understanding of early childhood development into teaching swimming
Consistent teaching standards - all coaches recruited and trained directly by WAC to conduct our swim program.