Both my kids have been with Waterfun for the past 4 years and we saw how they have gained water confidence and learnt to enjoy this water sport over the years. When they were younger, they started on the WaterExplorer program and they enjoyed their funfilled activities such as “Humpty-Dumpty” sing-along and “Fish-throw-and-catch” during class. I liked the approach taken as it has allowed my kids (especially my 4 year old daughter who had water-phobia then) to gain water confidence in a relaxed and fun learning environment. Both my kids are now at the ProSwim level and every week, they practise their strokes and build up their stamina. Weekly swim lesson at Waterfun is one enrichment class that my kids look forward to every week. - Angeline Lee, Civil Servant

Coach Alex has helped my daughter improve in her Front Crawl. - Jessica Tan

Coach Benedict has been excellent. Gave my son Dominicthe confidence in the water. - Mrs Tan Sue Ling, Karen

Coach Benedict is very good with kids. Friendly and effective coach who is good at motivating kids in learning swimming. - Lee Han Boon

My child is enjoying himself and learning to swim better. - Ms Goh Mei Lian

We chose Waterfun because they taught swimming in a fun way. The children learnt through play. They don’t even realise that they are learning swimming! We enrolled Samantha since June last year in the WaterExplorer program and she had grown from having water phobia to being water confident. The coaches are fun and manage the children well. I am really delighted with her progress and she certainly looks forward to her swimming classes every week. - Diana Ho, Senior Manager

Staff is very friendly and accomodating. (Coaches are) patient and friendly with students, teaching at students’ pace. - David Paulter

I like the small group setting. Able to engage my kid to participate in the lesson. - Rebecca Lim

Style of coaching is effective, in ways which children are made to overcome fear of water through interesting activities. - Mrs Ong Siaw Yann

Coaches are patient and able to sustain the children’s interest. - Mrs Melisa Lim, Lecturer


Coaches are entrusted to adjust their coaching styles to bring out the best in students, leveraging on their innate strengths while giving tips to students on how to improve in other areas. The journey students have with us are as wholesome as they can potentially be. I am very impressed with the depth of thought gone into the programs Waterfun offers its students. - Coach Jen Chia, Senior Coach (6 years of coaching with Waterfun)

With a broach framework, the coach is free to develop his own style of coaching. The management is understanding and lends a patient ear. - Coach Alex (8 years coaching with Waterfun)