WaterExplorer™ (Pre-Swimming program for children, 3 to 6 year old)

 "For a young child, play is important work. I can see that the WaterExplorer program engages the child in purposeful play so that she learns without realising she is learning. That is great for young children." 

- from a parent of a WaterExplorer student.

A great way to "swim-start" and "water-confident" your little Tots, WaterExplorer is our very own waterplay and learn program where our little ones explore and play to learn essential pre-swimming and drownproofing skills e.g. bubbling, floating, immersion and paddling (back to safety should they fall into the water accidentally). As this is not your traditional kind of swim lessons, all WaterExplorer Coaches (besides being internationally qualified coaches) are specially in-housed trained to conduct the program.

The program consists of 3 main stages. The chart below illustrates the breakdown of the water skills that are learned in each of the stages. Although we do not eliminate the possibility that some learners may not follow exactly in terms of their progression, most learners generally progress quite smoothly through the stages.



Important notes:

·         Duration of completion for WaterExplorer program: 1 to 1.5 years. Each term consists of 12 lessons (3months).

·        Duration for completion of each stage may vary for different learners. We encourage parents not to hurry the pace of learning and allow learners to learn at their own pace. Our coaches will provide feedback and suitable advice on each learners’ progression every term.

·        Learners’ progress may vary according to individual’s abilities, exposure & disposition to water skills learning. In the first couple of lessons, we will assess learners and do our best to group learners according to their abilities. As they progress, we will continue to monitor their progress and make changes to groupings if necessary. This is done to ensure learners learn at a most suitable pace and group environment.